Beautiful Video Tribute to Cancer Caregivers

November is National Caregivers Month.  In honor of National Caregiver’s Month and caregivers everywhere we offer this heartfelt tribute to caregivers.  It contains photos of real caregivers and a glimpse at their realty.  Accompanied by a beautiful original song, this video speaks of the pain and heartbreak of being a caregiver to a loved one.

View this compelling video and share with others in honor of National Caregiver’s Month:  Beautiful Video Tribute to Caregivers


Feel free to share with others as we honor those who give so much of themselves for the ones they love.  Let’s pay proper tribute to the special caregivers in this video, as well as all those who give so much.

Most importantly, remember to be there for the caregivers you know and support them in any way you can!


New Book Released for Cancer Caregivers

Susan’s latest book supporting cancer caregivers has been released.  It has been updated to include additional ways caregivers can compassionately take better care of themselves and their loved ones.  “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers:  Get Through the Tough Times” provides many practical and helpful tips, compassion and encouragement to help cancer caregivers deal with one of the most difficult things they will ever experience.


It’s no secret that being a cancer caregiver is difficult work. That’s why when Susan helped care for her mother, father, stepmother, and stepfather during a consecutive eight-year period, she struggled. She struggled with the devastation of the diagnosis, the prognosis, and the pain of seeing her loved ones suffer. She suffered and grieved over having to say goodbye to them one by one. She was at a loss of what to do to help and comfort her loved ones when it mattered most.

Altogether, Susan helped care for seven family members with cancer. Sometimes two of them were battling the disease at the same time. Susan struggled with caregiver burnout, exhaustion, stress, and her own physical problems brought on by trying to do too much. Despite her struggles, she felt compelled to be there for her loved ones with cancer, continue working at her job, and attempt to maintain life as usual for her husband and children.   Read More→

National Stress Awareness Day, Thursday 16 April 2015

There seems to be an epidemic.  People are stressed.  You can see it on their faces and hear it in their voices.  With all that is going on in the world, is it any wonder people are stressed?

Add to that all the demands of day-to-day living and you have a recipe for disaster.  The baby sitter is sick today.  You need to be at work to make a presentation at an important meeting.  You forgot to pick up your Mother’s prescription at the drug store.  You and the family have to go to a meeting tonight, and you don’t have anything ready for a quick and easy meal before you leave.

Stress is how you physically and emotionally respond to things that disrupt your everyday life.  It is a type of pressure caused by things going on around you.  Stress can be good or bad.  Your body reacts to stress by releasing neurochemicals and hormones,which can impact several areas of your health.   Read More→

Happy Siblings Day!

Special Christmas Gifts for Siblings

Special Christmas Gifts for My Siblings










Did you know that April 10, 2015 is National Siblings Day?  It’s a day for celebrating and recognizing brothers and sisters.  Siblings may have either one or both parents in common.  Claudia Evart established National Siblings Day after losing both of her siblings at a young age.  She selected April 10th as the day to celebrate siblings.  April 10th was the birthday of her late sister, Lisette.

Do you have siblings?  Have you celebrated them lately?  Siblings usually grow up with strong emotional bonds, which can be positive or negative or a mixture of both.  This is all influenced by many things within the family dynamics.

Think back to your childhood.  Do you have any fond memories of your siblings?  Do you have any humorous memories of your siblings?  I certainly do!  Being the oldest of seven children, I remember lots of chaos and funny things happening to my siblings and because of my siblings.  I also remember holding them, babysitting them, bossing them around, dressing up our dogs with them, and putting mercurochrome on many of their cuts and scratches.  Read More→

Caregiver’s Life Message in a Candy Wrapper

Many of us have been there.  Sometimes you just have a yearning for a little piece of chocolate.  Eating that little piece of chocolate isn’t just a matter of pleasing your taste buds.  There’s a known relationship between chocolate and endorphins.  Endorphins are used by your neurons to communicate with each other.  Eating chocolate can release this chemical, which in turn can affect how people feel.  It actually causes people to feel pleasure.    Read More→

Happy World Book Day!

Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not to lose. 

~  Neil Gaiman ~

Never underestimate the power of the page!  In this age of being constantly bombarded by a host of media and social media, we have information overload.


Do you read as much as you did ten years ago?  Do you ever slow down and pick up a book, read, and turn the pages?  Do you own a Kindle or other electronic reader?  Read More→

Listen to My Interview About Why I Wrote “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers”

My Story Made Me Want to Write a Book to Help Others

My life was much like so many others.  I was a busy wife, mother, and career person.  I had lots of hobbies.  Life was full.  Suddenly, my everyday routines came to a sudden halt.  This change wasn’t for just a month.  It wasn’t even for just a year.  It went on for nine years.   Read More→

Our Interview Has Been Rescheduled to Wednesday, 18 February!

For those who were trying to listen in to my interview this afternoon…you didn’t find it because they couldn’t reach me due to some problems with their phone lines today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, you found something else of interest to listen to while you were waiting!

Meanwhile, WRNW1-Women’s Radio Network requested to reschedule me for tomorrow, Wed, 18 Feb at 2:24 PM CST.  I rescheduled another appointment I had for tomorrow so I could do this interview.  I’m hoping the -30 below zero wind chill that is forecast doesn’t freeze all communications on this end tomorrow!  :)

You can use the same link as before:

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Have a great night and try to stay warm!

Listen to Our Live Interview on the Women’s Radio Network!

We have a big day tomorrow!  The Women’s Radio Network (WRNW1) will be interviewing me about my work for Cancer Caregivers, which you see over at  Lisa Singer will be interviewing me live.

Care to join us?  It’s easy!  You can listen in on Tuesday,17 Feb 2015 at 3:00 PM CST.  Go to this link: , then click on the gray button that says, “CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE.”

Please share and spread the word so as many caregivers as possible can attend.  See you there! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At a time when the world seems to be in turmoil and there’s so much to think about in our personal lives, as well, it is nice to have a day to step back and pause, relax, and ponder the good things in life.   Read More→