Cancer Survivor Day: A Good Reason to Celebrate

The first Sunday in June is Cancer Survivor Day. If you ever needed a reason to celebrate, this would be it! Surviving cancer has a significant impact on an individual. Imagine the impact it also has on that individual’s caregiver, loved ones, and friends.  FB-Balloons

Once an individual has had and survived cancer, he is forever changed. So are the people who know that individual. They watch as the loved one struggles to understand what is happening, grieve for the changes to their life, and fight to overcome and beat the disease. That is no small task. When victory comes, it is sweet. It is accepted with caution and some anxiety when doctor recheck visits approach. In time, those visits become less frequent. As the years go by, the feelings of celebration become more pronounced.

There are 11 million cancer survivors in just the US that we need to remember on this special day. Think of all those you know who have endured. It’s amazing how often this dreaded disease touches someone we know. Let’s honor them. With hearts filled with gratitude, let’s give thanks for having them with us. Let’s celebrate lives well-lived and battles hard-fought. Let’s not forget what they have overcome.

Tell a survivor how glad you are that they won the fight. Give them a hug. Look deep into the eyes of a warrior.




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