I Feel a Random Act of Kindness Coming On!

Did you know that it is Random Acts of Kindness Day and Week?  That means we need to all do something nice for someone.  Why do we need to have a designated day for this?  Why can’t we practice Random Acts of Kindness every day? 

It really doesn’t take much to practice a Random Act of Kindness, but it certainly does warm one’s heart, doesn’t it?  Whether it is opening and holding a heavy door for a fragile-looking elderly woman or treating a homeless person to a hot cup of coffee and a bowl of soup, it really doesn’t require a great deal from us.  But in our busy society, we often forget what a blessing our small tokens of kindness can be to others.

Since I spent my day buried in paper-work and stuck to my keyboard, I was feeling rather deprived of participating in this special day of kindness.  That’s when it occurred to me.  I can participate in a Random Act of Kindness.

You see, I know there is someone out there who needs my book.  Perhaps they don’t have the funds to purchase it right now.  Perhaps they are so overwhelmed, they just haven’t had the time to look for some help and suggestions to get them through their caregiving experience.


So, it is my pleasure to offer free copies of my book, “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers: Get Through the Tough Times” to the first two individuals who contact me about this offer.  Consider this my Random Act of Kindness.  I know that they will end up in the right hands and it is my hope that they will provide a blessing to those individuals.

Have a great day and remember…be kind to those you know and those you don’t!


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