Kindle Countdown Deal for “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers” Starts 25 February

We are pleased to announce special pricing for a limited time of “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers: Get Through the Tough Times”.  This offer is provided via a Kindle Countdown Deal.  Never participated in a Kindle Countdown Deal?  Here’s how it works:

Kindle Countdown Deals are a time-based discount on Kindle books.  It is an automated process providing readers with an opportunity to save based on their response time.  In other words, the sooner the reader purchases the book, the more the reader saves!

FB-CountdownBuzzSo, how does a Kindle Countdown Deal work?  At the appointed hour, the Kindle version of the book price goes down to the best and lowest price it is being offered during the Countdown Deal.  In this case, “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers: Get Through the Tough Times” will be offered for only 99 cents for a specified number of hours.  At the appointed hour, the price will start rising in increments until the end of the Kindle Countdown Deal, when the book returns to the regular price.

In this case, the Kindle Countdown Deal will start at 99 cents, then over time rise to $1.99, then $2.99 and finally $3.99.  So, the sooner the purchase is made, the more the reader saves.

How will readers know where we are in the Countdown Deal?  It’s easy!  Amazon has a timed countdown clock appearing on the Kindle sales page for that book right under the current Kindle price.  It shows the amount of time left on the current price, and what price the book will go up to at the end of the countdown timer.  To lock in that price, simply purchase the book before the time runs out and the price rises to the next price point.

This special Kindle Countdown Deal begins Thursday, 25 February at approximately 10:00 AM CST, and ends on Wednesday, 2 March.  We hope our readers enjoy this fun way to save.

Kindle Countdown Deal-Sample

Are you ready?  Click here to see the Countdown Timer on our Amazon Page and save:  Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers: Get Through the Tough Times (Kindle Edition).  If the Countdown Timer and the sale price aren’t appearing, try refreshing your screen or come back in a short while.

Oh, and don’t forget…you don’t have to own a Kindle to enjoy the savings of reading Kindle books!  You can download free apps to read Kindle Books on a PC and some other devices, as well.


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