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Newly Released!  An updated version with even more information to help cancer caregivers.  Now, an award-winning book for caregivers!

It’s no secret that being a cancer caregiver is difficult work. That’s why when Susan helped care for her mother, father, stepmother, and stepfather during a consecutive eight-year period, she struggled. She struggled with the devastation of the diagnosis, the prognosis, and the pain of seeing her loved ones suffer. She suffered and grieved over having to say goodbye to them one by one. She was at a loss of what to do to help and comfort her loved ones when it mattered most.


Altogether, Susan helped care for seven family members with cancer. Sometimes two of them were battling the disease at the same time. Susan struggled with caregiver burnout, exhaustion, stress, and her own physical problems brought on by trying to do too much. Despite her struggles, she felt compelled to be there for her loved ones with cancer, continue working at her job, and attempt to maintain life as usual for her husband and children.

Every time she went through the caregiver experience, Susan learned more about what to expect and how to cope. Creating joy-filled moments and learning to appreciate the simple things in life helped Susan connect in a deeper way with her loved ones. Suddenly, Susan looked at life differently—through the eyes of her loved ones with cancer. What she saw touched her soul. Susan discovered the importance of showing love to the loved one with cancer and found there were many more ways to do so than she ever thought possible.

“Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers: Get Through the Tough Times” will take you on the caregiver journey with compassion and practical tips to help both you and your loved one through this difficult time. It’s a beautiful read with a heart-warming message of love for the caregiver.

Within this book, you will discover—

– How to care for yourself at this challenging time

– How to make your loved one feel loved

– Ways to bring comfort, compassion, and joy into daily life

– How to emerge from this experience a changed, but stronger person

Rather than focus on how to perform hands-on caregiving, this book delves into practical ways to help the caregiver survive the emotional and physical impact of being a cancer caregiver. This book has many practical tips and suggestions which are certain to help any caregiver when caring for a loved one with a devastating illness.

Take a peek inside the book and see what others are saying about this empowering book.  Available here in both paperback and Kindle formats:  “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers: Get Through the Tough Times.”

Susan Brownell is the Founder of a website to help cancer caregivers. Susan believes every caregiver and their loved one should be surrounded by a cocoon of love to get them through the tough times.

Cocoon of Love for Caregivers:  Surround Yourself with Love and Inspiration To Get Through the Tough Times

Book Cover for "Cocoon of Love for Caregivers"

Inspirational Readings For All Caregivers

Sometimes caregiving wears you down.  You try to be upbeat for your loved one, but all the frustrations, challenges, mourning for the life that was, and exhaustion get in the way.  Those are the times you need something to help inspire and motivate you to keep going.  Those are the times you need to be reminded of all that is good in life.  When you are a caregiver, life may not always seem to be at its best.

Caregivers are busy.  They just don’t have a lot of time to look for the inspiration they need.  They need a special kind of inspiration from someone who understands.  Cocoon of Love for Caregivers provides short, but powerful readings that are sure to inspire and uplift all caregivers.

Go here, open the cover, and take a look inside this encouraging book for caregivers:  “Cocoon of Love for Caregivers:  Surround Yourself with Love and Inspiration to Get Through the Tough Times”

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