The Story Behind “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers”

You’ve heard about the book, but have you heard the story behind the book?  Over twenty years ago a series of events was set in motion to forever change my life.  It caused me to reassess how I lived my life and my priorities.  Some things in life tug at your heart and produce a drive to do something to “help make it better”.  What that was and how I responded to that call to take action was often interrupted by life events.  Just the same, the burning desire to write this book kept gnawing at me.  If you’d like to know the story behind the story, you might like this recent article published in The Monroe County Herald, Sparta, Wisconsin.  It tells why I wrote the book, what got in the way of writing it, and why I chose the title I used.  You can read the newspaper article here:  “Tragic losses to cancer inspires Sparta author to pen award-winning book.”

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